Ampex Asset Exchange
Commodities • Forex • Cryptocurrencies


The Ampex company endeavors to provide a revolutionary cryptocurrency--Origin- and its respective crypto and asset exchange--Ampex Exchange.


The Ampex Asset Exchange offers commodity, forex, and cryptocurrencies all in one marketplace, which opens up the high frequency trading of these assets to anyone.

Ampex's vision is to build a barter system where real world assets can be traded through tokens that provide a proof of stake system. Each token can be held in personal wallets on a decentralized network.

What is Origin?

Origin is a cryptocurrency built with the security of Bitcoin and the flexibility of Ethereum, specializing in financial assets.

Origin is currently in beta and will be releasing around April 2018. Within four months later commodities will be added to the blockchain for use as a store of value, speculation and commerce. The Origin Wallet includes a full node, lite node, wallet management and a miner all built in.


Origin is capable of running 128 different assets simultaneously. Some of these are backed by futures contracts and others are backed by real world assets. We have also made certain assets that are deliverable or available for pickup.


The Origin Wallet allows a user to send transactions, manage their balance, change addresses, view recent transactions, and print all transactions of their current address to an Excel readable format.


The Origin Miner uses SHA-3 512, a high security hashing algorithm developed by an independent research group. This algorithm boasts much higher security than Bitcoin's SHA-2 256.


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